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Luxe Candle Wick Trimmer

Luxe Candle Wick Trimmer

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You're not basic, so the way you trim your candle wick shouldn't be either. Meet our new Luxe Wick Trimmer that makes trimming your wick a breeze.

Keeping your candle's wick neatly trimmer before every light is a must. Our Luxe Wick Trimmer helps reduce soot and smoke that may occur when a charred wick is left too long.

The trimmer's built-in ridge helps capture the excess wick for easy clean-up. 

Remember, regular wick trimming ensures a longer burn time and smoke-free burning of your favorite HOME'edged NYC Candles.


 Easy To Use - our Luxe Black Wick Trimmers offer a 7-inch long tool to help you care for your candle from beginning to end.

 An Investment In Your Candle Experience -  the way your candle burns depends on how you care for it. Making a one-time investment in a tool that helps trim your wick in seconds and not damaging your candle is vital.

Helps Your Candle Last Longer - by trimming your candle wick you help elongate your candle's burn time so that you can relax and unwind even longer.

Trimming Your Candle Wick Just Got Even Easier

Unfortunately, scissors don't properly trim your wick.

You risk not only damaging your candle but causing more of a mess than needed.

Our Luxe Wick Trimmer helps you perfectly trim your wick and reduce the mess.


Our Luxe Black Wick Trimmer is 7 inches in length which pair perfectly with our Marble Candle Tray/


We ship our products Monday through Thursday and orders typically take 2-5 days depending on where you are located. Currently, we only ship within the US. All orders originate from NYC.

Other Details:

  • Made entirely from steel
  • Scented Candle
  • Made in the USA 


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