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Freshen up any space with our luxurious INTENTION diffuser. 

What is it? A luxurious reed diffuser presented in a dark amber round glass bottle, with our signature royalty emblem and high-quality rattan reed sticks.

Scent Journey: INTENTION offers a blend of spicy Bergamot notes, bright citrus, and refreshing Coriander that will awaken and invigorate you.


  • Why choose a diffuser? A diffuser offers our customers a flameless scent option to keep their home smelling nice.

    Worried about leaving a candle on? Now, you can enjoy your favorite HOME'edged NYC scents without the worry of a flame.

  • How long will it last? Our diffusers will last you approximately 3 months depending on how often you flip the reed sticks

  • How big of a space will it scent? Many diffusers on the market offer little to no scent output. Our diffusers go beyond. 

    Our diffusers will scent a space that's roughly 8 ft by 5 ft. For larger spaces like an open concept living room/kitchen area, we recommend using 2-3 diffusers. One on each end of the room and one in the center. Most bathrooms require one diffuser and bedrooms require 1-2 diffusers.

  • Do the sticks come with it? Yes, we provide 7 high-quality rattan reeds (aka sticks) per diffuser.

  • What if the scent is too strong? If the diffuser puts out too much scent for your liking, simply remove a reed(s) to lessen the fragrance output.

  • Do I light the sticks? No, please do not ignite the reeds. 

  • How do I properly use a diffuser? A diffuser is super easy to use. Simply remove the cap, place the desired amount of diffuser reeds into the glass bottle and flip the reeds over. Do this once every two weeks or as often as you wish.


 A Sophisticated Scent experience - freshen up your space and elevate your mind with our luxurious multi-layered scent experience that will have you smiling in seconds

 Mood-boosting -  bright and energizing scents of citrus and refreshing coriander will help boost your mood 

 Long-Lasting -  this 8 oz diffuser will last you up to 3 months with bi-weekly flipping of reed sticks

 High-Quality Fragrance Output -  our diffusers come with high-quality rattan reeds. Each reed offers several hollow channels that help wick the fragrance into the air so that you can enjoy a great smelling space.

What Size is the diffuser?

Our diffusers are crafted inside of an 8 oz round glass vessel. They stand at approx. 10 inches tall by 2.5 inches wide.


We ship our products Monday through Thursday and orders typically take 2-5 days depending on where you are located. Currently, we only ship within the US. All orders originate from NYC.

Other Details:

  • Designed in NYC
  • Scented Diffuser
  • Made in the USA