Here's what our awesome customers are saying about HOME'edged Candles.

"My office smells heavenly!" - Carol, California (purchased set)

"My home smells like a luxury department store. I love it!" -Teresa, California (purchased set)

"I've never liked candles, but this is not just a candle. It's my relaxation time." -Carol, New York (purchased set)

"My whole apartment smells great! Everyone that comes in takes a pic of this candle." -Daniel, New York (purchased Exhale No. 1)

"I absolutely love them all. I don't know which is my favorite." -Marissa, California (purchased set)

"So decadent!" -Ken, New York (purchased set)

"Love it!" - William, New York (purchased exhale)

"Gave them out as gifts to 30 people. They loved them. Thank you!" -Jim, New York (purchased multiple sets)