Luxe Candles Crafted for every time of day

Hi, there. My name is Michael William G., and I’m the creator of HOME’dged NYC Candles. The HOME’edged Luxury Candle brand was established in New York City in late 2017 and rebranded in July 2020 (yes, during a pandemic).

Why was HOME’edged NYC Created?

I created HOME’edged NYC Candles because of a few problems I personally found in the candle market.

First,  I was fed up with the lower end $20-$40 candles in the market. They never burned well and their scents never quite matched that from the high-end candles. On the luxury side of things (candles ranging $60+) I experienced horrendous candle burns with wicks that leaned or gross-looking black smoke that left my home feeling dirty.

Second, I wanted to help people unwind and relax. The inspiration for my sophisticated candles came from one thought, “What would make a space look and feel good?” The answer?

A great smelling luxury candle that anyone could enjoy.

Helping People Pay Homage to themselves

HOME’edged NYC is not just another candle brand. We’re not a small-town brand or a stale conglomerate. We’re that perfect in the middle New York City type of premium brand with a mission. 

I’m a huge advocate of mental health. Since we live in a world where we are always plugged in, I believe it’s important for every human to hit pause. To take a moment in the day that’s used just to ground themselves. By lighting our great smelling candles, they are able to do just that.

One of my visions as we continue to grow is to help New York City bounce back from the pandemic whether that be through charity cleanups or helping today’s youth learn about mental health + wellbeing.

What does HOME’edged stand for?

Our brand name, HOME’edged, is a play on the word “homage”. I want people to pay homage to themselves light after light so that they feel good inside and out.

Why Choose Our Luxury Candles?

Our Masterfully blended fragranced candles have been designed to elevate any space and bring balance to any time of day. Each candle is designed in Manhattan and specifically concocted to inspire the spirit of a certain time of day.

Like NYC, they are a blend of exotic ingredients, made with a premium and creamy looking soy-based wax that offers an excellent scent experience.

What Does Candles for Each Time of Day Mean?

Personally and through research we found an interesting fact. In the morning, we want to smell something comoley different than in the evening. We go through so many moods in a single day that depending on our mood, we might want to enjoy a particular fragrance over another.

Some cool milestones we’ve hit along our journey

We rebranded our products and brand to look more sleek and luxurious. We relaunched in July 2020 and the rest has been history.

We sold out of our first release in July. Then in October, 2020, we secured a spot to sell directly to New Yorkers in SOHO’s Nolita Market. We sold out in 1.5 days. Woohoo!

The feedback has been incredible. In fact, one customer even bought the candle that was half-way used because he needed that candle so bad.

So, of course we were there in December 2020 which we sold over 90% of our inventory. Fast forward to February 2020 and we have sold out of our top sellers.

A Word on Customer Service

No matter if you buy a HOME’edged NYC Candle from me down at Nolita Market or on our webstore, I vow to take care of every single customer. I know how it is to trust a new brand with your hard earned dollar and they treat you horribly. In our core, we aim to deliver an exceptional customer experience from the moment you interact with us all the way to your last light.

Check out our products here and thank you for taking the time to get to know HOME’edged NYC