In short, we have fragrances for every time of day.

As humans, we go through so many moods on any given day, right?

What we want to smell in the morning is totally different than what we want to smell in the evening. That's why we began this journey with our 3-core scents: INTENTION, FOCUS, VIBES.

INTENTION = inspired by bright mornings. It's bright, citrusy and uplifting.

FOCUS = inspired by afternoons. Refined, masculine, woody and fresh.

VIBES = inspired by evenings. Smooth sandalwood, ginger and a hint of violet.



Michael here, Founder of HOME'edged NYC. Here's a pic of me holding one of our luxury candles, baby beard and all.

If you're reading this, I'm super pumped for you because you're about to evolve into the best YOU ever.

At the core of all HOME'edged NYC products, is the belief that scent can truly help transform how you feel.

Let's face it, we go through so many moods in a single day, right?

That's why we created scents and products inspired by different times of day.

We make fragrances for different times of day with the goal to make scent shopping easy.

Welcome aboard and I cannot wait for you to smell good, feel good and do good in this life.

Michael William G. - Founder + CEO


HOME’edged NYC was reinvented in July 2020 in New York City during the pandemic. We were given a chance to join the world-renowned Nolita Market in SOHO in October 2020 and the rest has been history.

At the beginning, we sold only 11 oz candles (shown here to the right). We were so young then. We sold out in 1.5 days and someone even purchased the candle we had burning.

Pretty epic, right?

Fast forward 18 months later and the brand has expanded into Eau De Parfums, several candle sizes, and reed diffusers.

This is all thanks to our customers who have supported us from day one and the ideas they've shared. We decided evolve into fragrances all because of a loyal customer who loved the scent so much that they wanted to wear it.

Now, our easy-to-wear Eau De Parfums have become some of our best selling items.

We know we're still an underground NYC-based brand and there might be some hesitation since we're still new, but with our no-risk guarantee, we've taken out the risk of giving us a try.

Thank you so much for your support and we look forward to continuing this journey of helping you feel good one scent at at time.

- HOME'edged NYC