Say hello to the Best new candle of 2020: these exclusive luxury soy candles smell incredible

Say hello to the Best new candle of 2020: these exclusive luxury soy candles smell incredible

Best new luxury soy candles by HOME'edged NYC

Get ready to unwind and relax with the best new candles of 2020

Are you desperately searching for a great smelling candle that will freshen up your home or space?

If you're like most people, we're all stuck inside and that might mean our homes might be starting to not smell so fresh. No judgment, it totally happens. 

Here's the thing. 

When your space feels or smells funky it legit can have a toll on your focus and your productivity. So, if you’re one of the lucky ones who was able to maintain work right now, that’s doing you no good. 

Not to mention, right now it’s a super stressful time to be alive. We’re in the middle of a pandemic, it’s an election year, and god knows we also facing murder hornets. 


What if you were able to wipe away all the stresses of your life and unwind in seconds?

That’s exactly what these best new candles of 2020 will do for you.

Meet the new luxury candles by HOME’edged NYC

These limited edition luxury candles have been created by the founders of MAN’edged Magazine, so you know they're good.

If you're not familiar with MAN’edged Magazine you can check them out here.

What makes them special?

 in short -  these candles are not just candles. Their tools to help you unwind.

They look and smell incredible

They're made of Premium soy candle wax so that you enjoy a longer candle burn time and incredible sent experience.

They burn clean for the minimal black soot build-up since you know, we all hate that.

Plus, the natural creamy looking candle wax just looks gives us all the vibes. PS: Yeah we have a candle called vibes that smells beyond amazing.

Designed for every time of day 

Each candle has been Crafted for a specific time of day. 


Because the typical human being goes through so many moods in a single day. 

What you craving to smell in the morning might be completely different than what you want to smell in the evening.

Incredible Scents

Our masterfully blended fragrance candles have been designed to elevate any space and bring balance to any time of day.

Designed in New York City (USA Made)

Each candle is designed in Manhattan and manufactured here in the USA. They look exquisite and offer you a way to stay inspired no matter what life throws your way.

Limited Availability

If there's one thing we enjoy, it's the feeling of being included in a community. 

That's something that we want every user of a HOME’edged NYC Candle to experience.

No matter what stage in life you’re at, we want you to experience a luxurious moment in time where you can hit pause, take a breath, and unwind. w

Giving Back

One thing that is extremely important to the team at home aged NYC is that companies that make money should give back to the community. 

We believe that humans should help other humans. 

That's why we made a commitment to donating a portion of ourselves to Ace New York which helps homeless New Yorkers reclaim their lives they're Supportive Services. 

So, as you buy something to make your home feel/smell amazing you can rest assured that you're helping someone else in need. 

Where to buy

As of July 15th, 2020 we’re relaunching our entire brand with a whole new look and new candle scent. 

We are currently pre-selling and have limited availability of this first batch. We want to take our time with how we introduce ourselves because we want to be around for centuries. 

Be sure to check out our entire Penthouse Collection by clicking here or heading to our home page here.

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