Yeah, we've been bombarded by department store salespeople too.

Let's be real. There are way too many fragrance options out there. It can be a total nightmare trying to find one that works for you.

So, we've set out to make it easy and with no risk.

Here's how it all started.

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Our Story

We started in the streets of SOHO at Nolita Market in 2020 with just candles.

Today, we've helped over 1,000+ customers and have expanded beyond luxe candles into fine fragrances and reed diffusers.

Our motto: Smell Good. Feel Good. Do Go.

It's that simple.

- Michael William G. | Founder |

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  • "Looking for even more apartment ambiance? Hell’s Kitchen local Michael William G‘s luxury candle, fragrance, and diffuser brand is known for providing the scents at TMPL gym and frequently selling out at SOHO'S Nolita Market."

  • "They are made of premium soy candle wax and smell like heaven on earth. The best part is that each one encapsulates scents that mimic a certain time of day. The biggest problem is that we don’t know which is our favorite candle."